SECOREP Inflation

Most forms of SECOREP rewards are inflated automatically over time (mining and daily rewards). The inflation rate is aimed at around 1.5% per month, although this value can be modified through a proposal in the DAO. Inflation ensures that newer contributions are rewarded more than older contributions, which means old contributions won't have as much of an impact on the governance as new contributions (see Seniority Bias). The inflation rate is calculated as follows:

inflation = growth ^ time

This inflation rate is then multiplied by the base reward to get the total reward. Optionally, the inflation rate can be multiplied by a constant variable.


Miners can claim coins based on how many hashes they have mined. They can choose the ratio in which they want to be paid out in SECOIN and SECOREP. The base reward (which is inflated through SECOREP Inflation) is calculated by the following formula:

reward = hashReward * numHashes

One time verification reward

Users will be able to claim some SECOREP upon successfully verifying. This verification reward is claimable for each verification separately. This is a constant reward, which means it is not inflated over time. This is to encourage users to verify as soon as possible, and not to wait for a higher reward.

Daily rewards

Members of the DAO will be able to claim some SECOREP every day. If left unclaimed it will stack up to a certain amount, after which it will not increase further. The amount of SECOREP that is added to the claimable pool each day depends on the verification tier of the member. This reward is inflated through SECOREP Inflation.


Members of the DAO can also create a proposal to mint SECOREP to any specified wallet using the mint tokens action.