Smart Contract

SECOIN Contract Structure

SECOIN is a type of token that follows the ERC-20 token contract (opens in a new tab) standard. This standard is a set of rules and guidelines followed by many tokens in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Unlike our other token SECOREP that is part of the Diamond Governance, SECOIN operates independently.

SECOIN's contract is quite simple. It features a few important functions that create (mint) and destroy (burn) tokens as needed for ABC operations. However, only a specific part of the system, the MarketMaker contract of the ABC, can use these functions.

Further reading

To see the deployed contract in all its technical detail, you can follow this link (opens in a new tab).

For a deeper dive into the ERC-20 standard and the specific structure of these types of contracts, check out the Ethereum token standard (opens in a new tab) and the IERC20Metadata interface specification (opens in a new tab).