Aragon (opens in a new tab) is a well-established platform for building and managing Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). As of 2021, Aragon was managing $900M across 1700 DAOs. Aragon's development team is dedicated to refining and expanding its platform.

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Aragon's vision

The core vision of Aragon is to create an "operating system for human organizations". This vision has led to the development of a platform that acts much like an operating system. The platform manages the resources of a DAO, much like an OS controls hardware resources, and provides the necessary permissions for applications to perform operations.

Applications within the Aragon ecosystem are sandboxed and cannot access other applications without proper consent. This structure helps maintain the security of DAOs and facilitates easy addition or removal of applications.

Features and capabilities

Aragon offers a wide variety of pre-configured DAO templates, suitable for different kinds of organizations. Along with these templates, they provide a Software Development Kit (SDK) known as Aragon SDK (opens in a new tab), enabling the implementation of custom features for the DAOs. Aragon also offers pre-installed applications that extend the functionalities of DAOs, covering areas like voting mechanisms, financial management, smart contracts interaction, and membership management.

Aragon SDK

The Aragon SDK, available on npm as @aragon/sdk-client (opens in a new tab), is designed to provide developers with easy access to high-level interactions with an Aragon DAO. The SDK comprises three different components:

  1. General-purpose DAO client
  2. Custom clients for specific DAO plugins
  3. Context for holding inheritable configuration

More details about how we use the Aragon SDK can be found on our how-we-use-aragon page.


Aragon recently introduced AragonOSx (opens in a new tab), the smart contract foundation for their platform. The development of Aragon OSx's initial version is done and audited thrice, Aragon's team recommends new DAOs to be built on this foundation because of its robust and future-proof design, instead of using their old AragonOS4.

Our custom web app

While Aragon does provide a web app, known as the Aragon App, it can be challenging to extend its base functionality. For this reason, we have developed our own web app to better meet our needs and offer a more tailored experience.