Pull Requests

Pull Requests

There's a few things to keep in mind when making pull requests a repository for the SecureSECO DAO. This page will explain the process of making pull requests and what to keep in mind when doing so.

Pull request process

Fork the repository

Fork the repository that you want to make changes to to your own GitHub account. This will allow you to make changes to the codebase without having to be a collaborator on the repository.

Create a branch

Create a branch based on the dev branch. This will allow you to make changes to the codebase without affecting the dev branch. The dev branch is used to test new features and bug fixes before they are merged into the main branch.

Make changes

Make the changes that you want to make to the codebase. Make sure that you follow the coding standards for the specific repository you are contributing to and that you test your changes before making a pull request.

Run checks

Run some checks to make sure that your code is up to standard. The following checks are recommended:

  • Builds without errors (usually with npm run build)
  • Tests passing (usually with npm run test)
  • No linter warnings (usually with npm run lint)
  • Correctly formatted (usually with npm run format)

Note: the checks may differ depending on the repository you are contributing to. Check the README.md file of the repository to see what checks are available.

Open a pull request

Open a pull request to the dev branch. Make sure that you clearly describe what your pull request does. The following template for pull requests is recommended:

# Type of change
[Bug fix / New feature / Other]
### Does it contain breaking changes?
[Yes / No]
[What it breaks, e.g. need to add env variable]
# Description
[Summary of the change]
# Changes
- [x] [some change that was done]
- [ ] [change that was not finished yet]

You are free to use your own template, but please make sure that the PR is easy to understand and that it's clear what the PR does.

Create a proposal

Follow the steps outlined on the create a proposal page to create a proposal to merge your PR into the dev branch of the corresponding repository. Remember to add a merge PR action to the proposal. This will allow the community to vote on whether or not your PR should be merged into the dev branch. If the proposal passes, it can be executed to merge your pull request.