Join through Vote

Joining the DAO Through a Vote

Note: this method of joining is typically reserved for individuals with a compelling reason to avoid joining through verification. As DAO members must cast a vote on the proposal, passing it might be challenging.

Joining our DAO via a voting process is an alternative way of becoming a member. It requires existing members of the DAO to propose whitelisting your wallet, which permanently verifies your wallet, through a vote. This method of joining is typically reserved for individuals who have a good reason not to join through the verification process.

Membership rights

Membership gained through a vote grants you the same rights as if you had joined through verification. You will not need to undergo the re-verification process, since your address won't expire, courtesy of the separate mapping applied to whitelisted members.

Reputation rewards

As a member, you are eligible for maximum daily reputation rewards, the same as if you had joined through verification and passed both verifications. If you are already a member of the DAO through a vote, you can still earn the initial reward by joining through verification.

Joining process

If you wish to join the DAO via a vote, here is an overview of the process:

  1. An existing member of the DAO needs to initiate a proposal using the whitelist member action containing your address.
  2. The DAO members will vote on your proposed addition.
  3. If the vote passes, you will become a member of the DAO.

The existing member will need to follow the steps outlined in creating a proposal, using the Whitelist Member action with your address as the Address parameter.