Change Parameters

Change Parameters

The DAO has many facets, also referred to as plugins, and each facet can have multiple variables which can be changed by the DAO, known as parameters or DAO variable.

Using the change plugin parameter action, these facet variables can be changed through proposals. The settings page (opens in a new tab) shows all changeable parameters, their current value, and a description explaining what it entails.

Change plugin parameter

DAO variable requirements (for smart contract developers)

A DAO variable is associated with a "get" and "set" function in a facet smart contract in the Diamond Governance plugin. To facilitate automatic variable display on the webapp, there are further requirements:

  • An associated "getX" function, with no inputs and one output that matches the input type of the "setX" function. Multiple outputs are not allowed.
  • The variable, "get" and "set" functions must be contained within the facets of the diamond structure.
  • The "set" function should have exactly one input of the same type as the GetX function's return type. The "set" function should also be called SetX, where X is the same name as in the Get function.
  • Preferably the "set" function should have an "auth" modifier, that checks if the caller of the function has the right permissions to call the set. If this was not the case anyone on the blockchain would be able to change the variable.

These requirements ensure that DAO variables are secure and conveniently accessible for the SDK, and thus also the DAO webapp.