SecureSECO Reputation

SecureSECO Reputation (SECOREP) is the governance token for the SecureSECO DAO. A governance token is a digital asset that represents voting power in a DAO, providing its holders with influence over decisions made in the DAO.

SECOREP is used to vote on proposals, and create them. The more SECOREP you own, the larger the weight of your vote.

Transparency and security

The governance system of the DAO is implemented on-chain, which means the decision-making of the DAO is recorded on the blockchain and is publicly verifiable. This ensures that the DAO governance is completely transparent and keeps the voting process secure and tamper-resistant.

Several measures are in place to protect against attacks by malicious attackers based on SECOREP. To learn more about these attacks, and how we protect against them, see the Proposal Security Measures page.

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