Installing Metamask

Installing Metamask

Welcome to the first step of your journey with SecureSECO DAO. A crypto wallet is a must-have tool to interact with the blockchain and our DAO, and MetaMask is the most popular one. This guide will walk you through the steps of installing Metamask and connecting it with our web app. Our webapp also supports many other wallets, so if you are using a different wallet, you can skip this step.

Note sure what a wallet is? Check out this guide (opens in a new tab) by Aragon.

Metamask setup Guide

Install Metamask

Visit the Metamask download page (opens in a new tab). Choose the correct version for your device - Click on the download button to install Metamask for your chosen browser or device. Follow the instructions provided by the installation wizard.

Create a wallet

Once you have successfully installed Metamask, you will need to set up your wallet. If you're new to Metamask, you'll have to create a new wallet and record your private key phrase. If you've used Metamask before, you can simply import your existing wallet with the private key phrase.

new to metamask? make a new wallet

Open the SecureSECO DAO webapp

Now you're ready to connect Metamask with our web app. Navigate to the SecureSECO DAO web app (opens in a new tab). In the upper right corner, click on the 'Connect' button (on mobile you'll need to open the menu, and then look in the upper right).

connect button

or on mobile:

connect button mobile

Connecting your wallet

A wallet connector popup will appear. Click on Metamask, or if you want to log in on your pc with your mobile device, scan the walletconnect QR code using the Metamask app.

NOTE: For iOS users, we recommend using the Metamask browser within the Metamask app for an easier connection to the DAO, due to a known issue with Metamask app not opening when clicked in the browser, but opened in the Appstore (eventhough Metamask is installed).

wallet connector popup


Follow the steps in Metamask to connect your wallet. This may involve confirming that you trust the website and then clicking 'Connect'.

wallet connected

If you have a small exclaimation mark next to your Jazzicon avatar, you are on the wrong network. Metamask should suggest you to switch to the correct network, and add it if it is not already in your Metamask.

Congratulations, you're now connected and logged into SecureSECO DAO! Now you can go ahead and join the DAO through our verification process.